Spiel-a-thon 2015


The 2015 Spiel-a-thon was a ton of fun for all involved. Between the event and ad hoc donations at the convention, we raised $2,000.

Members of the winning team were: Brigette Anderson, Jason A. Brown, Linda Boroughs, Michael Fox, and David Coleson.



Thanks to Rich Sommer (actor), Scott Alden (BGG), Stephen Buonocore (Stronghold Games), Lance Myxter (Undead Viking), Richard Hamm (Rahdo Runs Thru), and Michael Fox (Little Metal Dog) for participating as celebrity guests in the final round.



Special thanks to all members of team Spiel for volunteering. These folks were runners, scorekeepers, cashiers during the game or helped set up and tear down: John Knoerzer, Beth Heile, Ezra Denney, Mark Smalley, Jay Bartelt, Erin Green and Jeff Ridpath. One key member of the Spiel-a-thon team was missing this year, Mark Wilder. As you can see, he was sorely missed!

spielathon-15-17 spielathon-15-19



Patty Richardson and Francie Broadie wrangled money and people at the door.  Francie also provided tons of extra help and support preparing for the event, including preparing keynote presentations and trivia cards. Check out her amazing jewelry here.


Preliminary and Semi-final questions were written by an intrepid group of Spiel listeners: Dennis Rand, Erin Green, Randy Alton, JD Lawton, Daniel Jensen, David Coleson, and Stephen Conway.

Ezra Denney hosted the final round of the game show.


John Knoerzer, Beth Heile and Mark Wilder decided to one-up themselves and wrote an even crazier and even more EVIL set of final round questions.


Jon Theys provided technical support and setup, helped with advance registration, and anything and everything else.


Debbie Ohi spent hours taking photos at the Spiel-a-thon. She is a fantastic photographer, artist, and all around great person! Check out the Spiel-a-thon album here. And more about Debbie here.


We had a FANTASTIC prize pool this year for final round participants! These game prizes were provided by game publishers and vendors present at BGG Con. Massive thanks to these publishers for their generous donations!



Prize sponsors are listed below:

Stronghold Games

Funagain Games

Queen Games

R&R Games

Bezier Games

Wattsalpoag Games

Crash Games


The Broken Token

Greater Than Games

Plaid Hat Games

Mirror Box Games

North Star Games

Golden Egg Games


Black Locust Games

Tim Fowers

Cool Mini or Not

Japanime Games

Action Phase Games

Renegade Game Studios

Formal Ferret Games

Solar Flare Games


Victory Point Games

Wyrmwood Gaming

Firefly Lasers