Our most recent Spiel-a-thon was held in Dallas, TX  at BGG Con, November 18, 2016.

We have several Spiel-a-thons in the works for 2017! Check back here for details.

What is the Spiel-a-thon?

It’s a fundraising event for The Spiel Foundation.

The Spiel Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to donating quality board and card games to children’s hospitals and senior citizen’s centers.

Each year, we assemble bundles of five games and donate these bundles to organizations that fit our mandate.

Each bundle costs at least $70 – 80 including shipping, so your contributions help the Foundation donate more bundles to kids and seniors across the country.

You can find out more information on our organization,  the games we donate and the locations who receive the games by exploring the site.

The Spiel-a-thon is also a fun-filled board game-fest with chances to win great prize bundles!



FRIDAY November. 18, 1:00 – 4:00 PM

The Event

We’re changing the format for the Spiel-a-thon this year!

We’ll have game stations set up in the room with teachers ready to explain and help you play several quick fun games great for players of all ages. You’ll receive a punchcard when you enter the Spiel-a-thon and for every game you play you’ll receive a stamp on your card. For every game you play, you’ll donate $2-3 dollars to the Foundation. There will be random prize drawings during the event for people playing and there will be a final round filled by those who played the most games over the course of the event. Finalists will compete for their share of a wonderful prize pool donated by several generous game publishers in the industry.

2015 Spiel-a-thon at BGG Con

We raised $2000 

2014 Spiel-a-thon

We raised $2000 (see the link above for a recap)

2013 Spiel-a-thon

We raised $2100! (see link above for more recap).

2012 Spiel-a-thon

We raised nearly $2000 at the event. Special thanks to Stephen Buonocore, Rich Sommer, and Scott Alden for participating as celebrity team leaders in the final round!

2011 Spiel-a-thon

We certainly love raising money at the Spiel-a-thon, but the work of the Foundation is year-round. We can always use your financial support. To donate, click here.

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