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The Spiel Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based in Indianapolis, Indiana. We are dedicated to donating quality board and card games to children’s hospitals and senior citizen’s centers.

Our goal is to bring a few hours of enjoyment to kids and seniors in need, five games at a time.

Each year, we assemble bundles of five games and donate these bundles to organizations that fit our mandate. To date, we have donated over 300 5-game bundles, that’s over 1500 games! Our latest wave of 50 game bundles are scheduled for delivery in November


The group is funded by donations from individuals and game publishers from around the world.

The Foundation sponsors a fundraiser, the Spiel-a-thon, at different game conventions across the country

Come join us for a Spiel-a-thon in Dallas, TX at Boardgamegeek Con on Nov. 18, 2016!

What can you do to help?

Suggest games for our Recommended Lists: For Kids & For Seniors
Volunteer to find places in need of donations.
Donate to The Spiel Foundation as an individual
Sponsor The Spiel Foundation as a business
Dec 242015

We here at The Spiel Foundation rely on the generosity of people who love games in order to fulfill our mission. Our donors understand our mission to bring moments of fun (however fleeting) to kids and seniors in situations where it may be sorely lacking. Our donors are people who understand the value of play as a lifelong endeavor – that fun doesn’t mean frivolous – it is an essential part of life.

During this holiday season, I wanted to share the story of a recent donation to the Foundation.

Our friend and colleague Geoff Engelstein is a man of many talents in the world of games. He is one of the hosts of Ludology, a wonderful podcast which explores the world of games from an academic and analytical viewpoint. He’s a game designer with several titles to his credit including Space Cadets, Space Cadets: Dice Duel, The Ares Project, and Survive: Space Attack! And recently he has has the opportunity to teach classes on game design at NYU as an adjunct professor. Through each of these efforts, Geoff demonstrates a deep and meaningful understanding of how games can be a positive force in people’s lives.


Recently, Geoff sent me a note informing me that he and his wife Susan had decided to donate half of the money he had earned teaching game design at NYU to The Spiel Foundation and half to the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund.

The Engelstein’s donation to The Spiel Foundation totaled $3,000. This amount will have a tremendous impact on the number of game bundles we are able to deliver to children’s hospitals and senior centers in the coming year.

I am humbled and inspired by this act of generosity. It literally gave me goosebumps to read Geoff’s note the first time and makes me smile any time I think of it even now.

I want to share this story not just to publicly thank Geoff and Susan for this amazing donation, but because I hope you’ll be inspired by them as well.

Whether it’s a donation to our organization (which we would welcome with open arms) or an act of giving or kindness to a friend, neighbor or someone you don’t know, there are so many ways any one of us can help spread our shared love of games and the message that play matters.

I can think of no better message or way to celebrate the holiday season than to keep this spirit of giving in your heart – not just now – but in the months to come.

December 24, 2015

Stephen Conway


The Spiel Foundation